Simon is a cute little gray and white tabby boy who was found outside by his foster parents on a hot summer day. He was certainly lucky they rescued him and brought him into their cool home. Simon is still a bit shy on approach, especially with strangers, but usually his need for affection takes over and he become quite lovable. In fact, he absolutely loves to be petted under his chin.

He is still a bit nervous about being picked up but he is becoming more and more used to being touched and petted. This handsome little boy has a sweet personality and is settling into his foster home nicely. He would do well with a pet parent who will understand his fears and be patient with him. If you would like to meet Simon, let us know.

We could arrange a date--he's even cuter in person!

If you are interested in adoption, please visit the Purrfect Paws site to fill out an application.


Please bear in mind that we take several applications on each of our adoptable pets.

The best match possible is made in both the interest of the pet and the adopter. There is no such thing as "first come, first serve" when it comes to our adoption process. It is deliberate and careful, as the pet is the adopter's responsibility for the duration of the pet's lifetime.

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